President’s Message

UACOA members, it has been awhile since I have reached out to each of you, I wanted to thank you all for your support in voting me back as President of the Association! I appreciate all of you and the work that you do in your cities and counties.

As you seen we was booked over by the Abbey Inn and was placed at another location for 2 days as well as rooms being double booked by different people, this was out of our control, after speaking with Bryan Smith who is the Secretary for the Association, we were over charged and paid a lot more this year than we have in the past 2 years, in saying this we are looking into other venues for next year’s conference. It has been brought up by members “why don’t we look at going to Mesquite or Wendover”, we are looking at those places as well as Moab and other Hotels in St. George. I ask you, will your dept. let you travel out of Utah to Nevada for the annual conference? We would like you to ask and get back with anyone on the board so we know!

It was brought up to me that some want to become members of NACA, if you are not a member of NACA and want to become a member, the association has signed up to be a State Affiliation with NACA.

NACA has some great webinar training’s that are free to members as well as member forums that are great. I would suggest that if you are not a member of NACA that you consider becoming a member.

If you want to become a member of NACA or you need to renew your membership the PROMO CODE is UACOA2019, you need to enter this code before you pay the membership. This code gives you a $15.00 discount so instead of paying the $50.00 membership you pay $35.00 membership. If you have any questions on signing up or need help you can contact Lesa K Murray who is the Administrative Assistant at (913)768-1319 or

If you are in need of euthanasia training we have a class scheduled for Friday May 31st in Davis County, please contact Bryan Smith at

Chemical Capture will be Friday June 21, 2019 in Logan, please contact Bryan Smith at

Again thank you for your support, remember this is your association so please reach out to the any member of the board if you have questions or training topics etc.


Justin Hatch

President                       Vice President                                  Secretary
Justin Hatch                 Pam Rasmussen                              Bryan Smith
301 S. Main St.            1600 W. Towne Center Dr.       2155 E. Sunset Drive
Heber City,                    South Jordan, Utah 84095       Layton, UT 84040
Utah  84032                  (801) 254-4708                              (801) 444-2200
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