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 Animal Control

Ok, here it is.  We are very excited about our upcoming conference in St George!  This will be held at the Abby Inn in St George on February 3rd, 4th & 5th.   It is a full three days of training.

You will not want to miss this one! We will be covering many topics which will be valuable for all of you.  We will have a one day shelter class on Thursday the 4th.  The shelter class will cover important topics for our shelters.  In our other trainings we will cover topics like rabies, animal cruelty, wildlife issues, compassion fatigue; we will also have an open forum for 1.25 hours.  We will also be having a speaker on Active Shooter; this is to be covered by Detective Tyler Duncan who has taught this across the state and other states as well.  He will be covering active shooters where nobody has a weapon inside the building like our shelters and other places.  Bring questions for him.  He will also talk about if you are a concealed carrier what you should and should not do.  I think this will be very good information that I hope none of us will ever need.  But if we do, I hope this information will save lives.  Shelter workers should stay for this; it will be the entire afternoon on Friday.

I would also encourage all of you to send Pam Rasmussen any awards that people deserve this year, like Purple Heart, Sprayed by a skunk, accidents or whatever. Pam does a great job with these and I have been told by people who come out to our awards dinner that we have the best awards dinner in the country!  Also send us your nominations for Animal Control Officer of the year, volunteer of the year and civilian employee awards to be presented by our great President Justin Hatch.

We look forward to seeing you all there in sunny St George.

Training Officer Jim Barker


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