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    Please remember that all reservations for the up coming 2015 conference must be made  by January 16th, 2015 to receive the rate of $80.00 plus tax. 

    Reservations made after that date will not be given the discounted rate!!!

    Presidents Message

    It is that time of year again to begin to plan for our upcoming conference for Feb. 2015. I will be mailing out the registration forms in a couple of weeks. The board has been very busy planning for conference, this year is going to be a great one. The board has decided to focus this upcoming conference around Emergency Preparedness, Animal Cruelty Investigations and how to handle wildlife and the regulations pertaining to them.  We will have the shelter personnel and animal services officers in the same class room all three days of the conference this year!!!

    We have some very good speakers that are willing to come and present to you.


    At our last board meeting held on Oct. 9th, 2014, the board discussed the membership fees and the tuition cost for the conference. It was a lengthy debate on this issue. The board decided to raise the cost of conference to $250.00. In saying this, the conference cost for the past 14 yrs. has been $180.00. Raising the cost to $250.00 may seem like a lot but let me break it down.


    The cost for a conference in 13 other state associations is as follows. The average was 3 day conference with 2 out of the 13 having either a 1 or 2 day conference. In saying this, 8 out of the 13 associations charged each member anywhere from $250.00 to $485.00 per member. (1 @ $250.00, 1 @ $275.00, 1 @ $280.00, 3 @ $300.00, 1 @ $485.00) There are 5 out of the 13 associations that charge less than the $250.00 that was passed by the board, it went from $200.00 to $135.00 per member, in saying this you have to remember that these are either a 1 or 2 day conference. (3 @ $200.00, 1 @ $190.00, 1 @ $135.00)


    With the price of everything increasing with today’s economy, I agree with the board’s decision that we need to raise the cost of conference to the $250.00, in saying this, the cost for a membership is $35.00 like the By-laws states, the remaining $215.00 of the tuition will help cover the cost for speakers, banquets, hotel rooms, breaks, gifts, conference items such as paper, pens, folders or whatever else is needed for the conference or training’s  that are depleting the budget throughout the year. (We are only raising the cost of the tuition by $35.00 per member)

    We have 5 vouchers available for $100.00 off the cost of conference to those who need it. (Must Apply)


    I hope that this clears it up, like I stated above we are only raising the tuition $35.00 to help cover the raising costs into days economy and to bring you the best trainings and speakers we can to help us all out in our profession.


    If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to contact myself or Pam or any of the board members.


    See you all in Sunny St. George, be safe and remember, Pam is always looking for awards….




    Justin Hatch

    Utah Animal Control Officers Association President


    Some of the forms for our upcoming conference are uploaded below


    Conference Agenda January

    Civilian Employee Award Form-2

    Civilian Employee Award Form

    UACOA Conference Tution Sheet-2

    UACOA Conference Tution Sheet


    If you have any questions or concerns please use the contact us page to let me know. Thanks Webmaster



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